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Computer Repairs.

Get a new hard drive with 500 gigs of space or more!

Get a new floppy disc (a: drive) or CD ROM drive for as little as $65.00. (Plus the cost of equipment.)

We will come to your home or business.  We are discreet and concerned about your privacy.

We leave your old hard drive with you.  For a nominal additional fee, we can turn your old hard drive into a fully portable external hard drive, retaining all your old files and data!


Get set up on Ebay for as little as $60.00!

We will show you how to start selling on Ebay.  Set up your ebay site and your PayPal account.

Or let us sell your ebay items for you.  Send us a photo of the item you want sold.  We'll list it and sell it on our ebay site.  Then we'll pick up the item from your home when its sold!  We'll pay you for the item at that time.  The fee for this service is $5.00 per item, payable in advance.  Please contact us with any questions.

Need a PowerPoint Presentation?
We create PowerPoint Presentations.  You give us the data, we'll turn it into a professional presentation! 
$5.00 per slide.

Web pages, designed with your specifications, including forms

Don't need hosting, but need help

designing forms that work? 

$25.00 per form. These forms are hosted on your site.  See site hosting prices if you need site hosting.  (We include 1 form when you host with us.)

Request More Information
If you would like more information or you would like to schedule a demonstration. Please fill out our form and we will come to you.

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