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Disk Space
Disk space indicates how much room you will have available to store your files (text, graphics, sound files, etc.)

Monthly Bandwidth
Bandwidth is the amount of data that is used to deliver your Web page to someone viewing the page. Your bandwidth usage will be determined by the content of your pages (the combined size of all text, graphics, sound files, etc.) and how often they are visited.

NO Ads on your site

NEVER have unwanted third-party ads or annoying popups on their site.

CGI/PERL Support
We will create forms, up to 5 for your pages. Interactive forms are a great way to get new business, and update customer information.  

Password Protection-
We keep your files safe by requiring a unique member name and password for each account.
Private File Access-
You can request a "members only" site that requires visitors to enter their name and password to gain access.

FREE Domain Name.
Registering your own domain name allows you to create a memorable Web address that matches your website. You'll receive a free domain with your online store purchase.

Subdomains enable you to create Web addresses that point to specific areas of your site. For example, if your domain is mysite.com, you can create a photos.mysite.com subdomain address for your photo gallery.

Domain Forwarding
Domain Forwarding is an easy way to forward your domain any site.. Just tell us the address you want to use with your domain and we'll take care of the rest.

IP Pointing
IP Pointing is an advanced option that enables members to forward domain traffic to a specific IP address. Please note: A Web server is required at the designated address to use this method of forwarding.

E-MAIL -POP E-Mail Accounts

With a POP e-mail account, you can create e-mail addresses based on your domain name (bob@mysite.com) and then receive messages sent to that address using the e-mail client of your choice (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, and Netscape Messenger). Each POP account includes onsite file storage.

E-Mail Storage-
Each POP e-mail account includes 4 MB of e-mail storage.
E-Mail Forwarding-
E-mail forwarding allows you to create an e-mail address (or multiple addresses) that forwards to another e-mail account. For example, you could have info@mysite.com forward to your existing e-mail address.

Default E-mail-
You can use one of your POP e-mail accounts to create a default e-mail address. By creating a default address, you can receive all messages ending with your domain name (whatever@mysite.com), even if they do not match the e-mail addresses that you've established for your domain.


Live Support
All members have access to live customer support, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Priority E-mail-
Plus, Pro, and Deluxe plan members all have direct e-mail access to the Premium Support team.